White dry wine La Demoiselle Sancerre Blanc, Alphonse Mellot, 0.75, 2018

White dry wine La Demoiselle Sancerre Blanc, Alphonse Mellot, 0.75, 2018

  • 1,908.00грн.

Tasting properties


The wine is pale golden with greenish hues and a bright sheen.

About Manufacturer

Since the 16th century, the Mello family has been listed in local archives as winemakers and wine merchants. Their continued success led to King Louis XIV appointing Cesar Mello as his personal wine adviser in 1698. Thus, in the early 19th century, Alphonse Mello created a family home in Sanser, which continued to expand from father to son. According to tradition, in each generation the eldest child is called Alphonse. Recently, the estate of Alfonso Mello passed from Alfonso the Elder (18th generation) to his son Alfonso the Younger and daughter Emmanuel. Together, Alphonse and Emmanuel Mello continued the legacy of their ancestors, and also gave the wines of the estate its unique character. Today, they manage the famous flagship Domaine de la Moussiere, as well as the family plots Le Manoir, Les Herses, Satellite, Le Paradis and Generation XIX. Since 2005, they have also been working on a new site called Domaine des Penitents, 35 km from Sanser. The flagship vineyard Domaine de la Moussiere (30 hectares) is located in the upper part of the wine region of Sancerre in the picturesque Loire Valley in France. It is processed according to the principles of organic and biodynamic cultivation. The crop is harvested by hand and the environment and exceptional terroir are carefully treated. The exceptional quality of the wines has led to Domaine de La Moussiere being officially classified as a unique category among Sancerre wines. From this legendary vineyard, where ancient vines have their roots deep in the limestone soils of the Cimmeria, come some of the best Sauvignon Blanc wines in the world, the labels of which are decorated with the signature of Alfonso Mello. Alphonse Mellot farms are organic and certified as biodynamic. A team of 40 employees grows on 47 hectares of vineyards. Vines are planted at a density of 8,000 to 10,000 vines per hectare. From the limestone-rich vineyard of La Moussiere, Alphonse Mello produces the flagship wine La Moussiere in red, white and pink tones, from Generation XIX - red, white and iconic cuvette Edmond. The estate also produces 100% Pinot Noir red wine called La Demoiselle from siliceous clay soils from a plot called La Demoiselle and En Grands Champs from the Cretaceous soils of Busanse at the top of La Mussier.

Gastronomic combinations

The wine will taste great with oysters, mussels and other seafood, as well as fish and white meat dishes, goat and blue cheeses.


The wonderful aroma consists of notes of tropical and exotic fruits, with elegant notes of gooseberry, lime, thyme, green leaves, silicon and minerals.


It has a concentrated, dense, intense taste with rich acidity, fruity-citrus accents and a surprisingly long aftertaste.