Semi-dry white wine PINOT GRIS WINECK SCHLOSSBERG Vendanges Tardives Bio, Domaine Schmitt & Carrer, 2017

Semi-dry white wine PINOT GRIS WINECK SCHLOSSBERG Vendanges Tardives Bio, Domaine Schmitt & Carrer, 2017

  • 2,382.00грн.

Tasting properties


The color is golden yellow, shiny.

About Manufacturer

Most likely, the Schmitt family's ties with the vineyard in Alsace date back to the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648). Or maybe even earlier – back in Roman times, when they began to engage in winemaking. But in its current incarnation, the Domaine Schmitt & Carrer winery has been operating since 1985. It is the brainchild of winemaker Roger Schmitt and his son-in-law Roland Carrer, who together set out on an ambitious task: to turn their domain into one of the best winemakers of Alsace. Today, Sylvie and Roland Carrer run the domain with their daughter, Anne-Cecil. Domaine Schmitt & Carrer is 15 hectares that are organically cultivated according to Ecocert certification. The goal of winemakers is to get the best that nature itself can give from vineyards. The philosophy of the domain is to use solutions that exclude the use of chemicals in the cultivation of vines and minimize them in winemaking. Domaine Schmitt & Carrer produces primarily terroir wines. The miracle of Alsace is to benefit from the unsurpassed variety of soils, which allows you to grow grapes from which very fine white wines are obtained. Here there are 51 magnificent terroirs (the so-called Grand Crus), which are distinguished by their ability to produce truly exceptional wines. Domaine Schmitt & Carrer is fortunate to work with vineyards located in the three best areas in Alsace: Schlossberg, Furstentum and Winek-Schlossberg.

Gastronomic combinations

It tastes with a variety of fatty meat and fish dishes, with spicy food, goat cheese and fruit pies.


The nose is a little smoky but very typical: candied fruits, honey.


In the mouth we find a good complexity. Sugar is very airy, does not dominate. Notes of peach, dried apricots, with a noticeable mineral tinge.

Production technology

Press for 8 hours on a pneumatic press. Fermentation at low temperature, with natural yeast.

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