Dry white wine Kallstadter Annaberg Chardonnay Spätlese trocken, Koehler-Ruprecht, 2018

Dry white wine Kallstadter Annaberg Chardonnay Spätlese trocken, Koehler-Ruprecht, 2018

  • 1,032.00грн.

Tasting properties


The wine has pale lemon color.

About Manufacturer

Keller-Ruprecht is one of the oldest and most prominent wineries in the Pfalz. For many years it was managed by the legendary Bernd Filippi, and since 2011 it has been ruled by Dominique Sona. He and his partner Franciska Schmitt have great respect for the traditional style of this wonderful centuries-old winery and are working hard to create truly outstanding wines. Koehler-Ruprecht is known primarily for its rich, mineral Rieslings. All wines undergo spontaneous fermentation on their own yeast and are aged in large neutral containers. There is no practice of external interference in the process of making wine, such as whispering, adding enzymes, and any other manipulations. The result is extremely old-school – in the good sense of the word – wines that get the highest marks in the rankings of Robert Parker and the like. Koehler-Ruprecht wines are labeled as R and RR. In Germany, R refers to incredibly scarce, rare wines that are produced in extremely small quantities and are aged for a long time, like Barolo Riserva or Rioja Reserva. RR is an even higher quality wine with much smaller batches.

Gastronomic combinations

It tastes good with fatty meats and fish, poultry and fresh vegetable salads.


The aroma is acacia, ripe apple, pear and peach.


The taste is apricot, candied fruit, lemon zest and wet stone. Average body and acidity. The aftertaste is round and silky, with noticeable hints of oak.

Production technology

- Selective manual collection - The grapes are squeezed and then left to macerate for 8-12 hours - Primary clarification by sedimentation - Spontaneous fermentation - Aging in traditional oval oak barrels (from 380 l to 600 l), mostly newer wooden barrels or barriques - Up to 10 months on wild yeast - Filtration before bottling

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