Dry red grape wine Domaine Tinel-Blondelet, Sancerre AOC Rouge 0.75, 2017

Dry red grape wine Domaine Tinel-Blondelet, Sancerre AOC Rouge 0.75, 2017

  • 985.00грн.

Tasting properties


The wine is a bright cherry red color.

About Manufacturer

We continue the journey through the exquisite wineries of France, in focus Domaine Tinel Blondelet. Let's Go? Winery Domaine Tinel Blondelet is one woman, 15 hectares, 3 denominations, 3 terroirs and 3 grape varieties. 1. Annik Tinel-Blondlet has been managing the estate since 1983. She is passionate about nature and seeks to produce wines corresponding to her features: authentic, frank and full of vitality. 2. Annik Tinel-Blondelet inherited the winery from her parents, Camilla and Fernand, in 1983, thus representing the twelfth generation of winemakers in her family. And the history of the family dates back to the end of the 16th century and is associated with the name Guillaume Blondelet, a winemaker in the village of Sholn 3. Today, the farm grows 15 hectares of vineyards and, accordingly, produces 3 types of wine for the soil - Puyi Fume, Sancerre and Puyi sur Loire. 4.It is desirable to express the character of these wines as best as possible - Annik Tinel-Blondelet cultivates 3 grape varieties (sepage) with great love - Sauvignon, Chassel and Pinot Noir - on three types of soils (marl Kimmeridge, limestone and Silica). 5. The wines of Domaine Tinel Blondelet are always among the winners of international competitions (Paris, Macon, Decanter). And since July 2014 HVE (High Environmental) certified 6. For many years, the vineyards of this farm are cultivated taking into account the conservation of the biodiversity of the environment, environmentally sound vine care, as well as concern for future generations. And the wine cellar is equipped with the latest equipment 7. Do you know why Pouilly-Fume? (Smoky, smoked) When the grapes are fully ripened with a grayish bloom typical of Sauvignon, on the soils of Pouilly during the harvesting of the grapes, the wind spreads “pollen”, giving the impression of smoke. Real French wines for true connoisseurs of sophisticated taste!

Gastronomic combinations

The wine is recommended to combine with boiled eggs, pork tenderloin with porcini mushrooms, fried beef, duck breast fillet.


The aroma of wine abounds with pleasant shades of licorice, violet and fruit.


The wine has a light but voluminous fruity taste with hints of fruit and berries (raspberries, cherries, black currants, blueberries), notes of minerals, undergrowth and spices, delicate sweetness in a persistent aftertaste.