Dry red grape wine Barbera d’Alba Superiore, Voerzio Martini 0.75, 2018

Dry red grape wine Barbera d’Alba Superiore, Voerzio Martini 0.75, 2018

  • 1,260.00грн.

Tasting properties


Saturated ruby red with purple highlights.

About Manufacturer

Voerzio Martini is a new company with a long history, which continues the tradition of the wine house Gianni Voerzio from La Morra. Mirko and Federico Martini are currently in charge. Originally a 12.5-hectare Cantina Gianni Voerzio was a small family business run by Gianni and his wife Franca. Gianni began growing his own Barolo in 1986 and was known for his prestigious vineyards, some of which bear the same name and have been listed in the city books since 1350. But in 2012, Piero Martini, the father of twins Mirko and Federico, bought real estate for his children from Gianni Voerzio, and the estate became known as Voerzio Martini. Mirko and Federica's vineyards are converted to organic matter, fermentation takes place using natural yeast, biodynamic methods of cultivation and production are used. The Barolos vineyard is one of the most important first-class crews, along with such as Cherek, Montvillero and La Serra. Harvesting is done manually using small boxes so as not to squeeze or damage the grapes. The basement is built using modern methods of insulation and energy saving. Interestingly, the Voerzio Martini labels were created by local artist Gianni Gallo, and each label depicts a flower growing in Piedmont.

Gastronomic combinations

It goes well with beef stew, pasta with Bolognese sauce and other similar dishes.


Saturated, with notes of red fruits, mostly plums and blackberries, with a taste of fresh jam.


Warm, energetic, powerful, rich in sweet and fruity notes, with a wonderful aftertaste of vanilla and pomegranate.