- Our wines are interesting for different countries and reflect the Ukrainian palette of winemaking in different price segments. High control over production and product quality is always interesting to our partners.

- Depending on the needs of the buyer, it is possible to develop your own brand (TM). In the preparation of TM, the cost of goods is calculated based on the level of product quality, contract volume of purchase, appearance and packaging of products.

- We are always ready to develop a marketing plan for promoting any brand taking into account the specifics of the sales market and sales channels. This plan will include a budget tied to sales volume, taking into account the costs of promotional and media activity.

- At the request of the customer, we analyze and offer products logistics services. This may be shipping by sea, trucking, railway transportation. Tariffs are determined depending on the season, the volume of cargo, type of transport, etc.

Igor Petrenko


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