Voerzio Martini from Piedmont, Langhe, land of great wines ...

At the junction of experience and innovative ideas, high quality wines are born in the context of the respect for the vineyards and the great respect for the environment Voerzio Martini.

Voerzio Martini is a new company with a long history, continuing the tradition of the Gianni Voerzio wine cellar from La Morra; now run by Mirko and Federica Martini.

Originally, Cantina Gianni Voerzio, with an area of ​​12.5 hectares, was a small family business run by Gianni and his wife Franca. Gianni began cultivating his own Barolo in 1986 and was known for his prestigious vineyards, some of which bear the same name, entered in city books since 1350.

But in 2012 Piero Martini, father of twins Mirko and Federica, bought property for his children from Gianni Voerzio and the estate became known as Voerzio Martini.

Gianni's experience as a recognized winemaker, accumulated over the years, was combined with the innovative ideas of the oenologist Mirco Martini and his sister Federica Martin.

MIRCO holds a diploma in viticulture and oenology, he is a winemaker in a winery and is also involved in the agronomic management of vineyards. Together with Federica, he oversees the commercial part and work with clients.

FEDERICA graduated from Pollenzo in the field of gastronomy, is responsible for accounting, office and company. Together with Mirko he oversees the commercial part.

Mirko and Federica follow the path of nature. The path followed by more and more leading manufacturers. Old mechanisms are being rediscovered, and there is no doubt that the idea of ​​taking but also giving to nature is part of the winery of the future. The vineyards of Mirko and Federica are converted to ecology, fermentation takes place using natural yeast, biodynamic methods of cultivation and production are used.

New plantings are made using cuttings of plants that are inherent in this area, because, logically, these plants have adapted to the environment as much as possible.

The soil is cultivated with great care and respect for the plants; regular thinning of the fruit makes it possible to obtain the right amount of product.

The Barolos vineyard belongs to the most important Crewe (first class), along with such as Cherechio, Monvillero and La Serra.

The main goal of Voerzio Martini is to respect the environment in the vineyards in order to obtain the highest quality raw materials.

Harvesting is done by hand using small boxes so as not to squeeze or break the grapes already in the vineyard. The total area of ​​the vineyard is 12.5 hectares.

The crusher and winery are equipped with the most modern oenological technologies.

A basement built using modern thermal insulation and energy saving methods.

 There is a STORAGE where bottled wine can be stored at controlled temperature and humidity.

Aging Zone, where the wine is matured in barriques, French and Slavonian oak barrels.

Interestingly, the Voerzio Martini labels are created by local artist Gianni Gallo, and each label depicts a flower growing in Piedmont.