Calonga di Bavarelli, 6 generations of winemakers.

The range of our wines now includes chic names from Calonga di Bavarelli, winemakers in 6 generations!

Calonga wines are the result of a careful harvest of grapes from the vineyards and a winemaking that combines tradition and innovation that expresses the magnificent characteristics of the Romagna terroir.


Calonga was founded in 1977 by the dedicated and passionate winemaker Maurizio Bavarelli and is now run by his sons Lorenzo, Matteo and Francesco.


This 10 hectare estate is located on the hills between Forlì and Faenza, in the town of Castiglione, a region known for its ancient history and unique wildlife.


Immediately after purchasing the farm, Maurizio Bavarelli began to run it as a family business, he also planted new grape varieties such as Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon, next to the old Sangiovese, Alban and Pagadebit