1. Vineyard Château des Bormettes stretches over 70 hectares of vineyards on the hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Château des Bormettes, a family business since 1930, is a unique place with a rich history, with an exceptional terroir of La Londe-les-Maures, in the heart of the famous Var and Provence areas.

3. Today the family business, run by Fabrice Faret, is expanding. Faret resists urbanization in order to protect her heritage and her land by practicing sustainable agriculture and respecting the traditions of Provence.

4. In Château des Bormettes, most of the grape harvest for white and rosé wines takes place in the fall at night

5. Château de Bormette favors Senso in the first place: fruitful even in drought conditions, this grape allowed the vine to survive. It is also very adapted to the local soil and the production of light and delicate pink varieties that bring success to the region. Since the early 2000s, Grenache has become a priority grape variety. Aromatic, it is in line with new trends in rosé wines.

6. A new stage in the development of vineyards in the Domain is the use of the Rolle variety - or Vermentino - a white grape variety that is very popular in these soils.

7. The winery offers an atypical range of white, rosé and red wines, regularly awarded medals in the most prestigious professional competitions.