"LE COLTURE" from the Italian subregion di Valdobbiadene

"LE COLTURE" from the Italian subregion di Valdobbiadene, whose history began more than 500 years ago on the grape mosaic of the Prosecco hills.

1. Cesare Ruggeri began his career in sparkling wines in 1983, and today he boasts an extraordinary legacy of experience - know-how that extends to a wide range of his own trade secrets and an innate sensitivity to the health and well-being of each vineyard.

2. Le Colture covers about 40 hectares of directly owned land in the DOCG area of ​​Coneglian Valdobbiadene. This is an exception for this area.

3. For several years, three children of Cesare, Sylvia, Alberto and Veronica, are actively involved in winemaking, bringing enthusiasm and invaluable innovative spirit, characteristic of the younger generations, not forgetting love for their land and respect for the traditions of winemaking.

4. The wines produced here every year are really unique and always receive the highest scores (over 90) from the world's sommelier Luc Gardini (the best sommelier in the world in 2010), Migliori, Winnie the Pooh and others.

5. Le Colture sparkling wines are made exclusively from "gllera" grapes, which are harvested only by hand.

6. Glera - white grapes, with forest-colored shoots, which gives large elongated clusters containing golden-yellow berries. For the production of Prosecco glera must be at least 85% grapes. It is classified as a "semi-aromatic" or variety whose wines carry the aroma of their fruit.

7. The winery uses only the Charmat method to produce these sparkling wines, which use stainless steel pressure fermenters