Welcome to Provence and the French winery Clos Cibonne.

Wellcome to Provence and the French winery Clos Cibonne.

Do you remember that we offer only well-made and delicious wines? In this sense, Clos Cibonne goes its own way, combining rare grapes with a unique aging process ...

1. The Clos Cibonne property dates back to 1797 when the Roux family bought it from Jean Baptiste de Cibon, captain of the Royal Marines, Louis XVI. In 1930, Andre Roux modernized the winery in order to achieve its goal of producing high-quality wines in this estate. This revival sparked an era of glory for the Clos Cibonne..

2. The heart of the estate is their Tibouren. Andre Roux was a big fan of this native variety and thought it was the perfect grape for the region. As part of its revitalization, he replaced the entire Mourvedre estate with Tibouren. Clos Cibonne soon became synonymous with Tiburenu and received special permission from AOS for the list of grapes on its labels.

3. Bridget, the granddaughter of Andre Roux and her husband Claude Deforge, took over the estate in the late 1990s. Their immediate goal was to return the winery to its former greatness. Restoring cellars and keeping traditions, the family began to restore the vaunted reputation of the house. Thanks to their efforts, Clos Cibonne is once again experiencing its heyday as one of the 18 Cru Classés in Côte de Provence.

4. The Clos Cibonne team is 5 generations of a family! Cibonne  uses an aphthous variety of Tibour wineyard, and was able to cause a return to this rare variety, which has been grown in Provence for more than 1 thousand years.

5. Tibouren - a very noble and demanding grape variety. It reaches maturity only on the Mediterranean coast, in privileged places, such as the sunny hills of Clos Cibonne.

6. The area of ​​vineyards over 15 hectares is located only 800 meters from the coast and is surrounded by slopes at the base of the bowl overlooking the sea. This topography creates air circulation, which makes it possible to perfectly ripen the grapes and helps to reduce crop variation.

7. The Tibouren grape variety predominates in the production of rosé wines and guarantees the quality and authenticity of the Clos Cibonne vineyard. Other grape varieties such as Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah only complete some blends.

Allow yourself to taste unique wines made mainly from Tibouren.