Organic wine La Mesma

It is a family winery, carefully managed by Rosina's three sisters: Paola, Francesca and Anna.

1. La Mesma vineyards are located in Monterotondo and Tassarolo (province of Alessandria, Piedmont), in the heart of the Gavi DOCG region in Italy.

2. Production of DOCG Gavi La Mesma DOCG extends to 25 hectares of grapes of Cortes vineyards, planted on the southern bare slopes of mountain slopes at an altitude of about 300 meters, in a thin soil of medium mix

3. Rosin's sisters pay maximum attention to reducing interventions in the vineyard, using the technique of controlled treatment: grass and organic fertilizers. Use symbiotic agriculture, algae, propolis.

4. The vineyard is divided into separate sections, which differ in vine type, pedology, age and exposure.

5. Organoleptic analysis La Mesma Gavi first of all offers us its wonderful, straw color, enhanced by the delicate aroma of fresh fruit, soaking light notes of apricot and citrus. The delicate breath of wildflowers and fragrant herbs completes the delicate aroma.

6. Girls winemakers say: "From a large fruit comes a wonderful wine. And this wonderful fruit can be obtained with gentle, practical methods of agriculture.We want our vines to live a long, healthy life, so we use soft pruning techniques and controlled grass treatment. ”

7. La Mesma wines are certified as organic.