7 generations of Domaine Chavy-Chouet

1. Chavy-Chouet - these are two families, two villages on the Côte d'Or, connected by a love of terroir for seven generations! These lands give life to beautiful, pure and gastronomic wines.

2. Since 2006, the winery has been run by a talented winemaker named Romarik Xavi, closely watching his 15 hectares of vines. He is proud of his roots, and his approach combines tradition and innovation, and an organic approach to winemaking.

3. Domaine Chavy-Chouet white wines are very pure, elegant, mineral and fresh, while reds offer structure, sophistication, fruit and strength.

4. The 1,300 m2 of harvesting buildings - including 800 m2 of basements - are a collection of the old and the ultra-modern. The fascination with gravitational minimalist interventions, impeccable purity also symbolizes this constant search for perfection for the production of clean, balanced and energetic wines.

5. Burgundy has long found the varieties of grapes that most accurately convey the identity, strength and originality of each terroir.

6. Romarik from 12 years in winemaking. Attentive to vines and fruits, he works in the vineyards quite organically, with organic matter and minimal use of sprayers (preferring traditional copper and sulfur).

7. Merco, Pulini-Montrache, Saint-Aubin, Volney, Pommar - this is Domaine Chavy-Chouet - love from the first sip.