Domaine Giroux PouillyFuisse, Macon, France

In the southern part of the vineyards of Burgundy, Maconnay stretches from Tournus to Macon for about fifty kilometers from north to south, bordered by the peaceful Sona current. The vines stretch over the Solutre and Vergisson rocks to a height of 400 meters.


Maconnay is primarily the area of ​​Chardonnay and dry white wine. The most famous of the five communal denominations is Pouilly-Fuisse. His two "cousins", Pouilly-Loche and Pouilly-Vinsel, stretch through the villages of Fuisse, Loche and Winsel.


Owner: ... Sebastien Giroud from Fuisse His passion for motorsport has long kept him away from the world of the Maconne family vineyards. But at the age of 30, he responded to the call of his roots. He became the owner of his father's winery in Fuiss. He produces and designs two cuvées from macon fuisse, two from puii-los and three from puii-fuisse.

This family estate, located in the heights of Fuisse, is now managed by Sebastian. It stretches over 7 hectares, planted only with Chardonnay, on which we vinify three appellations: Pouilly Fuissé, Pouilly Loches and Macon Fuissé. “Our goal is to understand and uncover the intricacies of our terroirs through our wines, every day we humbly try to find a harmonious balance between soil and vines with the utmost respect for the environment.”